Tuesday, June 14, 2011

"Get Rich Click" Arrived

I received the Marc Ostrofsky book Get Rich Click yesterday, and have spent the last day paging through it.  I had trouble reading it in order----there were things in the Table of Contents I wanted to jump right to.  I thought that it would be too tech savvy, and some of the ideas are.  But there are some simple ideas to try also, and lots of lists of websites to refer to for continued learning.  I believe it was money well-spent-----well, I didn't exactly pay for it, I got it with swagbucks gift cards.  More on that later.  I feel more comfortable using websites and methods that have been vetted by Marc Ostrofsky----there seem to be a lot of scams out there.  If you want to try to make some money online, this is a reasonable book that just could help.  Click on the link below and peruse the book on Amazon.


Let us know if you try any of the book's suggestions and how they work!

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