Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Change is Inevitable-----and Fast

We both worked at an antique store.  It was a quirky place in an old Victorian hotel.  The hot summer days were sometimes hard, but usually fun.  The place had no air conditioning.  Also no computers, no real cash registers, and our telephone intercom system consisted of banging on the ceiling or the floor if there was a call for someone on the other level.  One thing happens when you work at a low-tech business like this----your skills become outdated.  Fast forward to the store closing down, and we were left to job hunt in a world that had changed.  The newspaper is no longer a good resource for jobs.  It's all about Craigslist.  The hard part is, most companies hide their identity and you don't know where you are applying.  You just have a basic job description.  You fax resumes into outer space and then you wait.  And wait.   And then you decide to stop wasting money on sending faxes and on paper and printing supplies, because you never hear one word.  Ever.  Even after you devise clever ways of disguising the fact that you are over fifty.  That is why we are gardening for dollars, having yard sales, and looking for ways to make cash online.  At least we got one of our gardening jobs after advertising on Craigslist.  It's a new world.

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